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这se words pulled from “圣诞节华尔兹“很可爱,但对于照顾者来说,圣诞节也是一年中资源不太频繁的时间,因为组织和基础设施支持他们激活语音邮件和快门的假期。可以理解,但即使只是几天的日子为Alzheimer疾病的人援助是漫长而有时难以忍受的。


为您的情况定位合适的资源也在假期之外挑战。当事情变得粗糙时,你会在哪里和向谁转向支持?全国Alzheimer’s Associationis a great place to begin, and its website is full of useful information.



Lori La Bey ofAlzheimer’s Speaks和戴夫韦斯特里奇内存Cafe目录创建了一个全球资源目录和事件日历,这些目录承诺对护理人员和健康专业人士提供巨大帮助。Alzheimer的说话和内存Cafe目录是一个cut above资源在自己的权利中,但La Bey和Wiederrich的Brainchild在一起是惊人的。

痴呆症地图includes a resource directory, upcoming events, guides, and a Dementia Map blog. The Dementia Map provides free access to information, which is great news for caregivers with financial concerns. To care for a loved one, manyfamilial caregivers被迫退出工作的全部或兼职作业,因此此资源非常宝贵。


Search for resources by your geographical area or insert a keyword to find what you need on the Dementia Map website. You can choose from nearly 200 resource categories.




痴呆症地图is a dream come true for co-founder Lori La Bey, who has been dreaming of such a resource for nearly 36 years, after her own mother was diagnosed with dementia. Like so many caregivers, La Bey was frustrated and shocked by the lack of resources available in those early days.

“Even today, most medical professionals can’t guide their patients to where they can find help. It’s not their fault. Nothing like this existed prior to Dementia Map,” La Bey said in apress release

这痴呆症地图Global Resource Directory helps families in similar situations to the one La Bey found herself in nearly 40 years ago.

“We created to help families and those seeking resources, a direct connection to products and service providers. We wanted to do that in a non-threatening fashion,” Wiederrich said.

By going on to create what Wiederrich described as a “simple, direct, and friendly website, both families and professionals can utilize one tool to expand their knowledge base and options for care which are so badly needed.”

Accessing the Dementia Map and searching for resources is free. However, there are three membership plans that companies and individuals can select for additional exposure and features. The Starter Plan is free, while the Pro and Featured Plans are paid options. You can visit the site to learn which of the plans is most conducive to your specific needs.

这痴呆症地图is a fantastic resource at your fingertips during the holidays and throughout months and years ahead. If you’re feeling isolated or at a loss, the resource is there, and that’s certainly worth a happy dance, even a Christmas Waltz.



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